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Core Values

The main goal of our company, whose most important target is "Human Resources"; to be an institution where the best will want to work and our employees will be proud to be a part of. As a company, we are aware that sustainable growth will only be possible with the contribution of our employees. By implementing fair employment, embracing diversity and valuing participation; we create and contribute to a working environment where different perspectives are expressed and respected. According to our company's "Human Resources Policy”, we hire and promote people according to merit. We comply with the content and spirit of the Turkish Labour Code. We create open and fair opportunities for professional development. We promote a healthy work-life balance.

Teknik Balans in this direction;

  • To create the appropriate environment that can ensure the personal and professional development of employees,
  • To provide a favorable workplace environment for sustainable development,
  • To see individual differences as a wealth of human resources and to exhibit a fair approach in line with our ethical values,
  • To evaluate the performance of employees by measuring them with objective criteria,
  • To provide equal opportunities in the training and development of employees and to contribute to their training,
  • It acts to develop approaches that strengthen the motivation and loyalty of employees.

Bringing Qualified Labuor Force to Our Company

As Teknik Balans, we adopt as a basic principle to treat all candidates equally without discriminating in the selection and recruitment process and to seek suitability for the job as the only measure in this process. Our company, which believes in the importance of recruitment strategy in the success of companies, recruits according to the training, experience, competence, career goals and expectations of the people and the characteristics required by the position in the selection of human resources. We aim to recruit individuals who are prone to teamwork, closely follow the developments in Turkiye and the world, are open to innovations and will take our company forward.

Investing in Employee Training and Development

One of the main responsibilities undertaken by our company is the creation and protection of appropriate opportunities in order to maximize the potential of our employees and ensure their continuous development. In order to ensure the development of our employees, we attach great importance to training at every stage and at every level. As a company, we adopt a culture that encourages learning and development in order to train qualified and professional employees. In order to increase the success and efficiency of our company, we encourage our employees to receive trainings that will improve both their personal skills and our business; we aim to train strong and solid leadership candidates.


Regardless of our title or length of employment, our careers at Teknik Balans are built on leadership. Leadership is seen every time a manager coaches a directly subordinate employee or an individual contributor guides a co-worker. We see leadership when a colleague leads by example through their behavior, displays integrity, appreciates individual and collective achievements, and ultimately creates a positive, agile, and optimistic environment.

Price Policy

Teknik Balans adopts a remuneration policy that operates in a fair order by taking into account the market conditions and internal balances.

In determining and updating wage levels, "sector trends" and "performance evaluations" are taken into account.

The annual wage increase is reflected in the wages at the periods and at the determined rates deemed necessary by the employer with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Career at Teknik Balance

Continuous improvement is the key to success at Teknik Balans.

As Teknik Balans, we have been operating in domestic and foreign markets for more than 45 years. Since we are one of the largest in the Turkish balancing machine sector, we continue to change and develop until today.

With our human resources managing change and innovation, we are an innovative and dynamic player in the balancing machine sector. We proudly carry and keep alive the Teknik Balans culture, which has been blended with knowledge and experience since 1978, every day we are a part. We believe that our values, which create our corporate culture, are the compass of our success in this long road.

We are aware that our belief in development and change has carried us to this day. Each employee who has adopted the corporate culture and works responsibly has the chance to improve himself and take new initiatives and responsibilities. We value the possibilities that people and situations can create, not the classic understanding of career management that predetermines and restricts employees. Continuous improvement is the key to success at Teknik Balans.